Record Stores in Belgrade, Serbia

Here’s my small guide to shopping for vinyl records in Belgrade. You won’t find any bargains when shopping for new vinyl here: the prices are the same or higher compared to the Netherlands, or any other Western European country. I did find some great new and second-hand local records though!

Usce Shopping Mall

At this mall I found the smallest record store ever! It’s a small stall on the ground floor powered by Metropolis Music and Mascom Records.

The Vulkan bookstore at the top level has a small vinyl section:

At this store I bought the above record for 2499 RSD: Golden Horns - The Best Of Boban I Marko Marković Orkestar. I first heard this music in Emir Kusturica’s epic 1995 movie Underground:

Here are two of the songs on the album:

Muzička kuća Metropolis

A large record store that also doubles as a bar. Didn’t buy anything there. Open until late at night.


Didn’t go in there because it looked like they only sold CD’s.

Felix Shop

This place mostly sells rock-band t-shirts and has a very small selection of CD’s and also - surprisingly - some cassettes. It’s at the first floor of the building.

Knjižare Vulkan

This Vulkan book store has a small selection of vinyl records in the basement.

Yugovinyl record store Belgrade

This is my favourite record store in Belgrade, with a huge selection of vinyl records, both new and second-hand. It was a bit hard to find: when you think you’re looking at the entrance of a parking lot you’re in the right place. Very friendly and helpful staff, and there’s a record player with headphones were you can listen to the stuff you pick from the crates and shelves. Prices are on the inside of the records. Open all evening! I bought one new and five second-hand (priced between 800 - 2000 RSD) Serbian/Yugoslavian records there, mostly brass bands. They also had an impressive collection of Turkish 70’s psychedelic rock, for example.

Here’s what I bought at Yugovinyl:

Listen to the funky drumming on this track by Zorica Markovic:

Frantic brass and a resolutely non-4/4 time signature on this track by Redzepova Usnija:

And finally the Duvački Orkestar Radovana Babića ‎in action:

(Updated 2018-12-15 16:57 added photos of ПГП РТС)