How To Name Your Blog

This blog has already gone through many names in it’s infancy. Here’s the history.

“An IT greybeard’s adventures on the Internet”

Pro: I’m older than many of my colleagues, and actually have a grey beard.

Con: I love the term ‘IT greybeard‘ but I don’t think this covers what I want to do with my blog.

“Navy Freak Kennel”

Pro: It’s an anagram of my ‘Frank van Eykelen’. Check out the lovely ‘Web 1.0’ ‘Internet Anagram Server’ (also known as ‘I, Rearrangement Servant’) to generate your own anagrams!

Con: I like blue but don’t have anything with the navy (I’m actually an official conscientious objector), I hope I’m not a freak (even though my first e-mail address was, and I’m a cat person (even though we have two dogs, each with their own Instagram account).

“Brake Navy Golf Kennel”

Pro: This one is a bit more professional sounding. It’s an anagram of my ‘Frank van Eykelen Blog’.

Con: I don’t golf. Brake?



  • It’s a synonym of ‘Frank’.
  • It’s an homage to my friend Joerg Colberg’s website Conscientious (“about contemporary fine-art photography, featuring photographers, interviews, articles, and book and exhibition reviews”).
  • The last post from competing blog called “Ingenious” is from 2015.


  • It means “clever, original, and inventive”.
  • The usage of the word has been on a steady decline:

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